In 1994, following a distinguished 15-year career as a multifamily investment broker specialist at Marcus & Millichap, Henry Manoucheri founded Universe Holdings. Over the course of four decades, the company has successfully executed investment transactions involving the acquisition and sale of over 7,000 multifamily apartment units, with an aggregate transaction value of $2.5 Billion. Currently, Universe Holdings boasts a comprehensive portfolio of multifamily properties strategically located in the largest cities of Southern California and in high barrier-to-entry markets nationally. In addition to owning the assets, the company also manages them internally, ensuring a hands-on approach and attention to detail. 

Our Values

Integrity Be transparent. Align actions with values. No gain is worthwhile if it comes at ethical expense.

Priorities Define your mission and set clear, achievable goals.

Kindness Let you motto be: “Share and care”

Objectivity Have a system to check that your actions are free of bias.

Accountability Ensure that you are organized and taking timely, strategic action.

Patience Take pleasure in your achievements, calm in the knowledge that everything is a process.

Loyalty When necessary, stand up to defend family, friends and colleagues – even at personal risk.

Awareness Don’t treat problems as obstacles to avoid, but as opportunities to improve.

Persistence Stay focused on the goal. Maximize your time and avoid distractions.

Commitment Employ discipline, goal-setting and follow-through.

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Aerial view of Mariners Cove's water front community with apartment buildings

Our Focus

Universe Holdings focuses on identifying off-market, value add investment opportunities, using proprietary market analytics, and consistently delivers optimized returns through varying economic cycles. Universe Holdings operates within a privately held structure, allowing superior flexibility when sourcing acquisitions and extraordinary agility in executing strategic plans. Universe Holdings remains an active investor entering its fourth decade of operations. A key ingredient to its investment strategy and overall success, is the application of readily available equity sources to take advantage of specific, high return and high value creation opportunities as they arise.